Latest LMC Config File (All Rounder v2)

Hope you all well.We are coming new Lmc Config file for LMC8.4.This config file has dynamic color grading power.We are share many lmc config file.Most popular config file of them was Helena all rounder.We are share new version of Helena all rounder thats name All Rounder V2.

lmc config file all rounder v2 -
LMC8.2 Config File

According to your device many people use LMC8.2.Diffence of lmc version config file are different.All Rounder V2 Working LMC8.2 Version.Some cause you lag issue you can face.

LMC 8.4 New Latest Config Free Download

LMC8.4 Config File

All Rounder V2 Specially buld for LMC8.4.Its work almost all lmc8.4 mod.You can use it lag free. Sometimes crash issue face for you device.If you phone have good processor, work perfectly.

How To Download LMC Config File

For Download LMC All Rounder V2 version,you need click download button blew.After Download LMC All Rounder V2 Config file.Set up your config on you camera.

All Rounder V2

LMC 8.4 New Latest Config Free Download

LMC apk config file is available here. If you have downloaded LMC apk. Next, you need to install the LMC config file. Here we bring LMC 8.2 apk config file. Follow the instructions below to configure the LMC config file

How to Set Up LMC Config File

You can set up config two different way,Creating folder & via LMC camera app.The easy method is creating folder and set up LMC config.

  • Create a new folder in your internal storage and name it “LMC8.4”. Folder name must be by you LMC Gcam version,If your lmc version LMC8.2,you must create folder as name LMC8.2.
lmc1 -
  • Launch the File Manager app and browse to the location where you saved the configuration file. Paste the .xml file to: Internal Storage > LMC8.4
lmc2 -
  • Double-tap the black area next to the shutter button to open the dialog.
lmc3 -
  • Select the configuration file to use.
  • Tap Export & Set up LMC config.

We are always trying to give best LMC Config. Hope you like our this post.If you facing any problem comment us blew.

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