How to Create a Website with WordPress Step by Step – Part 1

How make WordPress Website Full tutorials 2022:Nowadays website is an easy source of income. If you can write well you can earn good income with a website. Any type of website can be a recipe website or a technical website.

You can make a website basically in two systems, one is wordpress which is a bit expensive and is completely free.

Our topic today is how you can easily create a WordPress website. In short, we will create a complete series on WordPress websites. Where you can fully learn how to build WordPress websites.

In this step we will discuss two things. Since we are going to make this a series. Which will be very long. The two things I will discuss today are domains and hosting for WordPress and WordPress installation.

How do we buy domain hosting for WordPress?

From Namecheap you can buy domains and hosting at very low prices. The main condition is that you have to make a payment here with Visa card or Master card. Moreover, you can also pay with Bitcoin.

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You also use another Dianahost domain hosting provider. You can also take it from Dianahost. It supports Bikash payments.You can easily buy domain hosting from any of these sites. After purchasing the domain and hosting we

How To login to C-Panel

After buying domain & hosting you need to log in your capnel.

image 23 -
  • Then click on Softaculous Apps Installer & Slect WordPress

Of course, we need to provide correct email address and password while installing WordPress. That is, when we log in to our WordPress site, we can log in correctly.

After installing WordPress properly we need to go to WordPress dashboard and type for this.

Then browse:

www. Your site

Wp-admin Dashboard

After logging into our WordPress, we will see a dashboard like this above. From here we will design our entire site. Today I will not increase more, inshallah later we will discuss the second part. There you will learn how to create a blog site.

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