Binance Dual Investment Quiz Answers

Binance Dual Investment Quiz Answers: It is mandatory for any new Binance user to pass a knowledge assessment quiz before he subscribes to Binance Dual Investment.Dual Investment offers users to buy crypto at a lower price or sell crypto at a higher price. It also allows users to earn high-interest yield during the subscription period no matter the market direction.Binance Dual Investment provides users with four key benefits – Buy low or sell high, high-interest yield, wide selection, and no trading fees. But at the same time, there are cons too.Once subscribed, you cannot cancel or redeem the subscription until the settlement date. Hence you need complete the quiz and must score a full mark to proceed to the next step.In this post, you can find correct Binance dual investment quiz answers. You can also join our telegram channel for other quiz answers and as well as verified airdrops.

How to join Binance Dual Investment Quiz

  • 1) Click the link below and sign up or log in to your Binance account. Click Here
  • 2) You must pass KYC verification to receive rewards.
  • 3) Visit the Binance Dual Investment Quiz page on the Binance app dashboard.
  • 4) The new Binance “Binance Dual Investment Quiz” quiz will start on September 26, 2022 at 09:00 (UTC).
  • 5) Take the quiz as soon as it starts and get guaranteed crypto rewards of up to $7.00. 6) Rewards are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
Binance Dual Investment Quiz Answers

Q1) What kind of product is Dual Investment?
Answer: Investment product where users have a chance to sell high or buy low at their desired target price on the desired settlement date which does not guarantee a minimum return
Q2) What is the Target Price and Settlement Date in Dual Investment?
Answer: Target Price = the price at which I want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, Settlement Date = the date at which I want to buy or sell cryptocurrency
Q3) Once I subscribe, will my Target Price ever change?
Answer: The target price will not change once subscribed
Q4) I am hoping to sell my 1 BTC for 52,000 BUSD. I subscribed to the BTC Dual Investment “Sell High” product with a $52,000 Target Price to sell BTC. At the Settlement Date, the BTC price is $52,500. How much will I receive at the end?
Answer: 52,000 BUSD+ interest yield in BUSD
Q5) I am hoping to buy 1 BNB at 330 USDT. I subscribed to BNB Dual Investment “Buy Low” product with a $330 Target Price to buy BNB. At the settlement Date, the BNB price is $345. How much will I receive at the end?
Answer: 1 BNB + interest yield in BNB
Q6) What are the risks of Dual Investment?
Answer: The risk is that if the market price on the Settlement Date goes far below my Target Price to buy, I am buying at a relatively higher price and vice-versa.

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